İmece İzmir Office

Harmony with Each Other - İmece İzmir Office

Imece Izmir Office collaborates with the people of Izmir all stakeholders in the city to produce designs based on common sense. In İzmir, the region the concept of democracy was born, it tests the understanding of justice that favors the strong with a pluralistic culture that draws its strength from harmony.

Taking its name from the "imece" culture, which summarizes the best form of solidarity co-production in Anatolia, the main focus of the Imece Izmir Office is to increase the prosperity of the city to share it fairly. In order to achieve this goal, the office establishes partnerships with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality other stakeholders of the city through the city vision partnership.

The open spaces of the city offer much greater opportunities for communities with different economic sociological characteristics to come together than indoor spaces. From this point of view, İmece İzmir Office defined the green open spaces of the city as the basic movement surface. The office aims to establish a link between the metropolitan rural areas through five ecological corridors stretching from the city center to the rural areas, to bring together socially culturally unique but unaware of each other neighborhoods. It works for the revival of the neighborhood culture by increasing the walking resting areas. İmece İzmir Office carries out these works in coordination with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Emergency Solution Team CittaSlow Metropol offices.

İmece İzmir Office also works to compile İzmir's past present multicultural structure, artistic, visual auditory memory. İzmir Culture Studies Project, Literature Festival Yaşar Kemal Symposium are some of the projects that will take place in this context.