İzmirHeritage Office

Harmony with Our Past - İzmir Heritage Office

IzMiras Office carries out activities aimed at preserving the 8,500-year-old cultural heritage of Izmir, transferring it to future generations, increasing its awareness all over the world, especially among the people of Izmir.

Working with the principle of harmony with our past, which is one of the pillars of circular culture, the office considers İzmir's cultural natural heritage as the source of creativity innovation.

The Izmir Heritage of the World program implemented by the office builds bridges between the historical, cultural natural heritage that has been layered for thousands of years today. İZPA defines cultural heritage not only as traces of the past that should be preserved, but also as a resource that can guide the future.

İzMiras Office works for three main purposes. The first is that the cultural heritage of Izmir is better known understood by the people of Izmir today. Secondly, better recognition of this heritage in Turkey around the world. Finally, current academic findings on İzmir Cultural Heritage guide the economic, social spatial development of the city. At this point, the IzMiras routes, designed intertwined with Izmir's ecological corridors, are of particular importance.