Vision İzmir Office

Harmony with Change - Vision İzmir Office

Vision İzmir Office is a unit that works with stakeholders from different disciplines to prepare İzmir's 2030, 2040 2050 goals plans. Among the main stakeholders that the office will work with are IMM Strategy Department, IMM CittaSlow Office Izmir Development Agency our city's non-governmental organizations.

Vision İzmir Office develops the long-term master plans of the city in order to carry İzmir together with the specialized committees operating under İZPA. These plans include titles such as the Green Infrastructure Master Plan, the Blue Infrastructure Master Plan, the Agriculture Master Plan.

The office is working towards to realize the Economics Congress of the Second Century, which will be attended by many experts from Izmir, Turkey the world, at the beginning of 2023. This congress will provide very important bases for designing the long-term development plans of Izmir Turkey.

CittaSlow Metropolis Academy, which creates the main concepts of circular culture urbanism develops different learning programs related to these, will serve under this office.