Çukur Han

Izmir has been one of the most important port cities of the Mediterranean throughout its 8,500-year history with many structures we can see the traces of its rich history. İzmir Planning Agency (İZPA) office is located in Çukur Han (Inn) which is an historic inn that embodies this history. This building, which is mentioned even in Evliya Çelebi's Travel Book, was restorations were done in accordance with its historical texture with steel wooden details.

The fact that the İZPA office is located here, points to the importance given to the work carried out for a circular Izmir city that is resistant to natural disasters with the least damage from earthquakes fires. 

Some of the shopkeepers of Çukur Han have been Sabri Ali Şükrü, Filipoçi Şürekası, Yafe Elbağlı, Dryer Jon Kohen, Şeyhzade brothers, Yako Sidi, Vitali Abram, Isak Barmaymon, Bakırcıyan Ogard Franko. While these names draw attention to the multicultural structure of Izmir with their memories, they show the importance given to the "harmony with each other" pillar, which is one of the carriers of the circular culture in Izmir. The inn with characteristics of a caravanserai has been used as a printing house, a workshop, a restaurant, a coffee shop insurance office until today according to the official records since the 17th century. 

Çukur Han, which is one of the monumental structures of the city, is home to İzDoğa, Cittaslow Metropol Office İzTarım in addition to İZPA. The inn opens its doors to all Izmir Volunteers with its aesthetic historical texture.