How We work?

How Does the Izmir Planning Agency (İZPA) Work?

İZPA operates with the joint work of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, other institutions in İzmir ten separate specialized committees focusing on different issues.

These committees, which are the antennae of İZPA, are equal in number of men women; It is a pluralistic structure with members from Izmir, Turkey different parts of the world. This structuring model serves as a bridge that ensures the harmony of Izmir between locality universality.

IZPA uses academic data, citizen views ecosystem data as inputs, transferring them into CittaSlow Metropol circular city criteria in order to produce strategies projects for İzmir.

İZPA operates together with all the stakeholders of the city for a circular Izmir, in which harmony with our nature, each other, the past change is at its core.

Strategy of İZPA

İZPA consists of four different offices that represent the pillars of the circular culture. These offices do not serve as separate departments, but as part of a whole by their nature.