Our Logo

Izmir Planning Agency’s (IZPA) logo is inspired by the Anatolian design of the twin idols.

The inspiration behind the Anatolian twin idols is rooted in cultural practices accumulated over thousands of years since Göbekli Tepe - one of the oldest known human compounds in the World located in south - east Anatolia. These idols present the mutual existence of harmony and duality as the most crucial element of life. This can also be phrased as “unity in multitude”.

The Anatolian people have taken forward the philosophy of acting together and reflected in a great variety of art work of Anatolian civilization.

Diversity of people and interdependence of individuals in a community may look as two paradoxal paradigms at first glance. Yet, according to Anatolian culture, this paradox is the very crucial essence of life. It reflects the sense of responsibility and a dedicated willingness to live together and collaborate.

Building on this anthropological knowledge, Izmir Planning Agency takes the twin idols as the embodiment of its vision in its logo. Being one of the most impressive designs of circular culture, these idols mirror IZPA’s Cities with Circular Culture approach aiming to strengthen harmony with nature, with each other, with the past and change.