Izmir Heritage

Izmir Heritage (IzMiras) Program

IzMiras program carries out activities aimed at preserving the 8,500-year-old cultural heritage of Izmir, transferring it to future generations, increasing its awareness all over the world, especially among the Izmirians.

Working with the principle of harmony with our past, which is one of the pillars of circular culture, IzMiras program recognizes cultural and natural heritage more than just a collection of historical monuments. It is a living and breathing part of the city's identity, a source of inspiration and innovation.

By celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural and natural heritage woven into the fabric of Izmir over thousands of years, the program seeks to inspire new and innovative approaches to social and spatial development.

IzMiras program recognizes that cultural heritage is not just about the past but also a crucial resource for guiding the future. The program believes that understanding the past can provide insights into the present and shape the future because heritage is a social bond that ties people together, strengthening a shared sense of belonging.

The IzMiras approach is based on collaboration, community engagement, and promoting sustainable and culturally sensitive development practices. It is in this spirit of respect, we collaborate with local communities, businesses and other stakeholders to promote the preservation and celebration of Izmir's unique cultural and natural texture.

The main objectives of the IzMiras Program are threefold. Firstly, to enhance awareness of Izmir's cultural heritage among the local community. Secondly, to increase recognition of this heritage in Turkey and worldwide. Finally, to utilize academic research on the city’s cultural heritage to guide its economic, social, and spatial development and aspire to innovation.

IzMiras Program has identified several demonstration areas where it implements its projects.

Among these, IzMiras routes aim at raising awareness, promote sustainable tourism and offer visitors a unique experience that combines history, culture, and nature. Two IzMiras routes are currently being developed, that are 8500 Years in One Day Route and Izmir Historical Waterways Route.

Details of the IzMiras Program projects are provided below.

8500 Years in One Day
Izmir Historical Waterways
Izmir Heritage of the World Project
Izmir Studies Project