The 8500 Years Route is a meticulously crafted bus tour that takes visitors on a journey through the rich historical and cultural heritage of İzmir with professional tour guides. One of the Izmir Heritage Routes, the 8500 Years Route showcases the historical and geographical development of the city, providing an immersive and informative experience.

The tour commences at the Lausanne Gate, and our guided tour bus takes us to the first stop, Yeşilova Höyük, followed by Yassıtepe Höyük. These ancient sites offer visitors a glimpse into the earliest village settlements of Izmir, dating back over 8,500 years. Here, visitors can experience the fascinating historical texture and layers of Izmir's earliest beginnings.

The tour then progresses to Bayraklı-Smyrna, one of the first towns of Izmir. Afterwards, the visitors can explore the impressive ruins of the ancient Smyrna city near Kemeraltı, which was once a significant center of the Roman Empire. The site includes a well-preserved Roman agora and numerous other historic buildings and structures, providing insight into the city's development throughout the centuries.

Next, the tour moves forward in time to New Smyrna, a port settlement founded in the 19th century. This stop allows visitors to learn about the city's recent history and see how it has evolved.

In addition to the guided bus tour, the 8500 Years Route is also planning to introduce a bike and walking path. This initiative aims to provide visitors with an alternative mode of transportation, allowing them to immerse themselves in the city's history while promoting sustainable mobility.

The bike and walking path will be designed to complement the guided bus tour, enabling visitors to explore the historical sites at their own pace. It will offer an opportunity to experience the city's unique historical and cultural texture while engaging in a healthy activity.