School of Circular Agriculture

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality envisions rural basins of Izmir as areas where local producers can nourish culturally and economically, in harmony with nature. 

With this objective, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality implements a holistic strategy that is implemented by two institutions. The first institution is the Izmir Agriculture Development Center that works as a pillar of the Izmir Planning Agency (IZPA). The second is the School of Circular Agriculture which strives for growing the human capacity that will underpin the implementation of the agricultural strategy of the Municipality.

IZPA and IzTarim (the agricultural company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality) work together to establish the curriculum of the School of Circular Agriculture.

The program School of Circular Agriculture has the following four criteria: 

1. To support basin-wide planning of agriculture versus property based production.
2. To take biogeographic parameters and patterns as the main entry point of product definition.
3. To perceive agriculture as a circular and multidimensional design process, instead of taking it as a linear production of goods.
4. To take agriculture as a cultural asset that does not only refer to food production but also as a phenomenon that continues to grow humanities’ harmony with nature, with each other, with the past and with the change.

To meet these objectives the curriculum will comprise a great variety of unique lessons and innovative methods. The lessons will include subjects such as Social Anthropology, Ecological Democracy, Migration Ecology, Biogeography, Applied Agricultural Design etc. Methods of the school are going to cover nature literacy, experimental design, observation techniques etc.

IZPA and IzTarim plan to launch the circular agricultural program by the end of 2024. The program will be primarily implemented at the Agricultural High School that will become operational by mid-2025 in the Bademler village of Izmir.