Alliance for Cities with Circular Culture

With aspirations to design resilient, socially cohesive cities, we find strength in our multilevel international collaboration. Numerous other local governments and networks across the world have also started to develop tools in support of cities with circular culture. Citta Slow, Green Cities, Biophilic Cities, National Park Cities, Rewilding Cities, Net Zero Cities, and Fair Cities are only some of these.

However, there is an urgent demand for uniting and accelerating our efforts to grow circular urbanism. This shall be underpinned by footprint-based design and development of cities, embracing ecological and social impact zones instead of jurisdictional delineation of urban areas. This means that every “city with circular culture” will know its actual boundaries that probably expand across all continents, ecosystems and eras of our world - including the lives of future generations.  

Therefore, we would to call to establish an Alliance for Cities with Circular Culture as a strong message from the Mediterranean. Such an alliance can greatly advance and give synergy to our local, regional, and global efforts on the way of transforming our cities into breathing landscapes for people and for the entire web of life.

It is clear that our isolated efforts to solve the global crises will not work alone. Harmony among our actions is as crucial as harmony with nature. Thus, we have to inspire the urban world to establish a global “Alliance for Cities with Circular Culture” starting from the Mediterranean.