Izmir Earth Citizens

Izmir Planning Agency has initiated the “Izmir Earth Citizens” program in order to raise direct cooperation between the private sector and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

The program is based on an online platform through which the private sector and the local government can mutually support each other’s projects that are in line with 17 SDGs. 

Izmir Earth Citizens program allows citizens, companies, civil society organizations and the local government to develop a common agenda to implement and fund Izmir’s projects that support SDGs.

Any of these stakeholders can become an “Izmir Earth Citizen” via investing in a project that aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Herewith, local governments and civil society organizations will be able to propose an SGD project through the program’s portal, that is subject for funding or in kind support. Any project or support suggested to this scheme is subject to be verified by the Secretariat of IZPA. 

With this program, we aim to collaborate with different stakeholders to address local and global challenges at the same time. By enabling diverse contributions for related projects, we revitalize the “imece” culture of Anatolia that is key for a strong local democracy.