Izmir Studies Project

Izmir Studies Project is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary desk study that aims to make the Izmir literature accessible to young generations and researchers. 

The project brings together publications and materials from various languages focusing on a wide range of topics related to Izmir. These include Izmir’s historical development, urban transformation, cultural heritage, social structure, economic dynamics, and political landscape. The research findings are expected to contribute to a better understanding of the city's past and present and inform policy-making and planning for its future.

The project aims to document, preserve, and raise awareness about Izmir's assets, which have historical, cultural, and social significance for the local communities. The interdisciplinary approach and collaboration among researchers from different fields will allow development of a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of Izmir.

Izmir Studies Project is committed to engaging with the local community and stakeholders to ensure that the research findings are accessible and useful to them. This will be achieved via fostering a permanent dialogue between academics, policymakers and other local stakeholders. To this end, partnerships will be formed with other organizations working for similar purposes.

The study will involve various research methods, including archival research, interviews, and data analysis. The results will be disseminated via the website of the project and through a bi-annual International Izmir Studies Conference.